Our Mission

Our Mission

Unlocking Opportunities for Your Child’s Future

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Our Mission

Mentoring Minds that Harness Atmospheres of Academic, Personal, and Social Growth. We Mentor. We Harness. We Grow.

Our Vision

To See Students Developed from Every Socioeconomic Status Become Global Leaders who Lead with Kingdom Principles and Provide Solutions to their Communities and Abroad.

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Our Curriculum

The School intends to prepare the whole child through a student-centered, self-directed, inquiry-based, interdisciplinary approach that borrows concepts from the International Baccalaureate (IB) program.

Our Staff

We aim to select the most qualified staff at M.H.G. Prep and to see them well compensated so they can make a career at our school. We aim for staff to be professional and diligent in their work, gifted in education, and love their students and the subjects they teach. It is equally important for them to understand the principles and structure of inquiry-based education, ­how it works in their classroom, and how their work fits into the broader context of the school. Furthermore, our staff should possess a lifelong hunger to learn and grow in academics and their relationship with God.

Our Parents

Parents are our #1 partners in education! We want our parents to possess a sense of responsibility for M.H.G. Prep and see them well-informed about our 3 Pillars of Growth. We expect parents to grow with the school, be actively involved, and excited about teacher-parent partnerships. We aim to support our parents in implementing biblical truths within their homes. During difficulties, we expect our parents to address concerns respectfully, listen to the concerns of others, and abide by our school handbook when making important decisions.

Our Place in the Community

Community is the heartbeat of every school. In our community, we look to develop purposeful partnerships with residents and local businesses to increase the value of those connections. We also seek to be a shining light in our community for them to experience the goodness of God.

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