A Day in the Life of an M.H.G. Prep Academy Student

At M.H.G. Prep, we pride ourselves on offering a distinctive blend of academic rigor, spiritual enrichment, and a nurturing community. Here, we provide an environment where students not only learn but also flourish as individuals, preparing for a brighter future. Read all about what it’s like to be a student at our preparatory academy, then contact us to enroll your child today!

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A Rich Academic Curriculum

Our middle school students, spanning grades 6 to 8, engage in a robust academic curriculum. They dive into Mathematics and English five times a week, ensuring a strong foundation in these fundamental subjects. Science and Social Studies, taught three times a week each, cultivate their curiosity about the world.

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Preparing for the Future

Our curriculum extends beyond the ordinary. In middle school, students delve into financial literacy once a month, building essential life skills. Coding, integrated into the curriculum once a week, equips them with tech-savvy problem-solving abilities.

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High School Excellence

In high school, grades 9 to 12, our students continue to receive top-notch education. Math, English, Sciences, History, and languages remain at the core. Yet, we go even further with specialized subjects like Chemistry, Biology, and Physics. Financial education continues with a focus on the stock exchange, preparing our students for financial success.

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Spiritual Enrichment and Empowerment

At M.H.G. Prep Academy, we recognize the significance of holistic development. In our Spiritual Life Development classes, held once a week, students have the opportunity to learn about God, explore their faith, and engage in meaningful discussions about Kingdom principles. These sessions create a nurturing environment for reflection and personal growth.

At M.H.G. Prep Academy, we aim to prepare students not just for exams but for life. We are developing global leaders. If you're looking for an education that nurtures the mind, body, and soul, look no further — M.H.G. Prep Academy is the place to be! Enroll your child today and set them on the path to a brighter future.

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